Monday, July 27, 2009

Get Reviews before you Travel

You can look at the website of the rest yourself. You can see the events, nudist beaches, adults only areas, fun party nights or even a laid back intimate atmosphere. You need to get candid traveler reviews. Look at It's the best place to get the truth in your dream vacation.

I was recently looking at the Delta Hotels Okanagan resort and it looks so nice, like a tropical paradise resort without the long distance travel (for me living in Alberta). I was thinking about booking it and then I decided to go on and I saw the reviews were terrible! People said it was outdated, needed reno's and was expensive (I saw that it was expensive but I thought that was okay because it seemed like such an upscale resort).

i was totally thrown off when I saw that it needed work, the pictures in it;s own web site looked like so nice! How shocking!

So you have to check your place on, it;s the best place to post reviews and look at others. people even upload their videos and photos too so that you can see exactly what the place looks like.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Travel Agents Know Best

Consult a honeymoon professional. A travel agency is sure to have a honeymoon specialist on staff. Book a consultation to see what they suggest. If you want calm romance, they can help you get the best. If you want new adventure, you can get that too.

If you have no idea where to go on your honeymoon then it's obvious to get the help of a travel agent, but even if you know where to go, they can help you get the most out of it. All you need to do is bring your favorite vibrator and show up, newlywed and all hot and erotic for each other!

The reason for getting the help of a travel agent is that a honeymoon is different then most vacations. It's a one in a life time vacation that you'll remember forever and it's a very important time in your life, it goes with your wedding.

Many resorts and places have honeymoon specials and incentives that only your travel agent will know about. Some places will give you a free fruit basket. You can even get something as great as free nights, room upgrades or dinner cruise.

Why not take advantage of these special offers if you can? By doing all the planning on your own, you might be missing out on some special additions that you will get. make sure that you bring your marriage certificate because you will need to prove your newly wed status on order to cash into the extra bonuses during your honeymoon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome To Rome!

Considering a destination wedding? Well consider the city with more culture and interest than you can believe! The gorgeous and historically rich, Rome! Rome has so much to offer sight seeing-wise, and can pull together the most romantic and beautiful classic wedding you could ever imagine!

Picture this: A full day of sight seeing to help calm your nerves; think of it as a pre-honeymoon. Then a romantic dinner and early to bed! The next day is the big day. A classic archway decorated with satin curtains and roman style columns galore. The church is magnificent and super sized. Enough room to fit everyone and then some! Your dress is flowing and your groom looks mighty fine. The next day, travel to Venice for the most romantic stroll along the never ending canals. This could be your wedding!
Considering Rome as your wedding destination choice may be a little on the expensive side, 1 US dollar converts to about 0.70 Euro. As long as you keep your souvenir collection to a minimum, you could get away with it!

In Rome, you can choose anything from classic Roman villas to exquisite Renaissance palace's adorn with statuettes and fountains. If you prefer out side Rome, there is a national park named Castelli Romani, which includes many decadent restaurants, villas, B&B's hotels and everything you need for a stylish country side Italian wedding.

If you do choose to have a religious wedding in a church, you will have to come in contact with the church as soon as possible, as these thing not only fill up fast, but there is a lot of paper work to deal with. This can be messy and stressful, but hiring a wedding planner can help you ease this unrest.

Getting wed in Rome will be the most enchanting experience you will ever have. It is an excellent choice with so much to see and do. From the Vatican to the Trevi Fountain; from the Colosseum to multiple Piazza's, Rome is spectacular day and night. Find your perfect Wedding Planner in Rome and begin your magical journey today!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sexy Tropical Weddings

MMMMM.... What a dream! Bahia Principe Jamaica.

If you are young and like to have fun, try a sexy wedding at a sexy destination.

The new way to being your life together is to get married on the beach, The tropical destination are the best because they offer package. At an all-inclusive resort, you can pay a small fee and get all the details arranged for you.

If you are the nit-pick type that need to have control of each and every thing, this type of wedding might not be for you because you really need to let everything go to be in the hands of the wedding planners.

For the types that don't want to worry about small details and who want to be intimate with their lovers, then get wed on the beach.

It;s really sexy because the heat makes the bride, groom and all the guests have to dress in sexy swim wear. You can be sexy in the heat and be sexier all day.

Your dress will be lightweight and airy, your guests will be sexy in summer wear. A fun way to be erotic and sexy without being too stuffy like a traditional wedding.

There is something special about the beach wedding, it will arouse you because the beach is so erotic. Take a pack of erotic massage oils with you to celebrate your love and really enjoy your first night as newly weds. Use your erotic novelties in a hammock, on the balcony overlooking the ocean.

What a great way to engage in the first time of erotic husband and wife newly wed lovemaking then on a hot tropical island!

I would suggest a few places. The Dominican Republic is increasingly popular because it is cheap and very intimate. Punta Cana has the most romantic setting, no buildings can be built taller then a palm tree so it makes the setting very romantic and secluded.

Jamaica has some towering castle like structured and these resorts and grand and elegant.

Both suggestions are quite different and it depends on what type of person you are and one of these will suit your free spirited, young and sexy needs.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Honeymoon of Adventure

If you are seeking something different to do on your honeymoon and you are particularity the mushy romantic type, consider a trip to the mountains.

The Rocky mountains in Canada offer some of the mos breathtaking scenery. For an unforgettable trip, rent a car and take a drive from Banff, Alberta to jasper, Alberta. Although only about 170 miles, the trip will take all day because you will meander through switchback on the road up mountains and beside majestic glaciers.

Take your time and be leisurely. the scent is so dramatic. You will be lots in the beauty of nature and feel so tiny next to the massive trees and towering mountains.

I emphasize that this trip is not really for romantics because you can't really walk hand in hand on the beach and get lost in each other's eyes, you will walk hand in hand constantly looking upon and getting lost in the beauty of the maintain. It's a fun way to experience something completely different.

The trip to the Rocky Mountains is the ideal vacation if you seek something different then everyone else and want to enjoy they world. You will be lost in the beauty and there are adventures abound like white water rafting, hand gliding and all other sorts of gutsy activities.

Make sure to stop at the Fairmont Hotel in Banff, many famous celebrities have been married here, it offers an extremely romantic and elegant setting do if you are the romantic type, then here you can satisfy your urge for romance.

The Rockies is not just a great adventurous honeymoon destination, but it's also a romantic and different wedding setting. Sure to be a wedding to remember. Take a look and see, it might be the dream wedding for you!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Honeymoon in Hawaii

I will immediately continue my post about weddings in Hawaii and talk about the same place as a honeymoon destination. the same tips apply, it's great because there is no passports or currency conversions required. The prices, electricity, food, everything is the same but the scenery is different. there are many fun things to do there that are exotic and fun but not too exotic where you feel culture shock.

the honeymoon is supposed to be a very fun and intimate time, some people who are homebody types and like to stay home - if you explore a destination with foreign policies, people and food, you might be struck at the difference and experience culture shock which can take away from your intimate relations. This is why Hawaii is so great. You can focus on yourselves and only yourselves. You can really share passion, intimacy and enjoy your new life together as one.

Hawaii provides so many opportunities for fun, romance and adventure.
You can spend the morning walking on the beach, the afternoon walking by volcanoes and the evening strolling through the city and enjoying a Luau.

If you are looking for more seclusion, try one of the latter islands to get away form the people. How do you choose an island?
Check out this guide that describes the differences between all the islands to get the most romantic and intimate place to enjoy.

When you pack don't forget to bring all your romantic essentials but the good news about Hawaii is that if you forget something, just go on over to the local store and buy it because all the amenities are there. But don't forget your erotic toys and intimate massagers because you need a little sexual excitement at night time!

If I were to choose, I would choose the island of Molokai. It's the prettiest (in my opinion) It seems so relaxed, elegant and remote but it's not. It's like traveling to Tahiti with out the huge price tag.

I've looked at pictures of Tahiti and I would love to go, but it's so expensive. Molokai is the best option because they seem to be so similar. Do some research and see that the scenery and romance in the two sexy destinations is the same.

try Hawaii for the most romantic time of your life without the highest price tag of your life.

Best Wedding Place for the Busy Couple.

If time is tight but you still want t dream wedding, consider Hawaii.
The top reason that I recommend this romantic destination is because in order to be married at a foreign country, you have to be there for a few days before, sign many documents and there are lots of legal implications needed to make the wedding official.

Sure you could get a wedding planner to figure this out for you, but for the busy couple and time is of the essence, getting hitched in hawaii, there are no regulations of time because it's still within the USA!

Another great feature is that there are many flights every day to the west coast to the islands so you can fly over there quickly then hop back and continue your busy life.

This pointer is only really effective for people living on the west coast because the east coast, the flight is too far.

You can even elope to hawaii, las vegas is so over done, the new sexy hot spot for lovers is hawaii, so hit the surf and enjoy!

For more tips on getting married in Hawaii, check out this excellent resource: getting married in Hawaii.

Another great reason to get hitched in Hawaii is if you are a military couple there, but I don't even need to mention this as you probably have though of it already!

What are some of the most romantic places? waikiki beach is very crowded and not very intimate. Seek an intimate setting. If you look at the link I juts gave you above, there are tips on when the sun sets in particular places. If you want a sunset wedding, it gives the pointers and when and where to go.

Another fantastic reason to enjoy your intimate relations and begin your new romantic life together is that the currency is the same. There is no worry about conversion rates or prices being too high, like in Europe because it's all in US dollars.

Hawaii makes a fabulous destination because it's the same as home with a tropical flair.